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Last Updated: May 13, 2001

How old is Mickey Mouse this year?

 Let’s see. We first had Mickey appear on November 18th, 1928. What a day! At the Colony Theater in New York.

 What do you think Disneyland’s most exciting point in time was besides the opening of Disneyland and the opening of the new theme park, California Adventues?

That is quite a hard question. I really am stuck between two things. Either in 1959, when we brought the Monorail, the Submarine Voyage, and the Matterhorn to the park. That was fun!

But as for my other choice, I’d have say in 1965 when we brought in the things we built for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. In that load, we brought “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” “It’s a small world,” the Carosel of Progress, and the Grand Canyon / Primeval World Diorama.

 What kind of education did you have when you were younger?

 I did go to High School, and I attended an Art Academy. That’s about it.

 I am researching you for a report in English. I have alot of information about your career but none about your family life. Would you please tell me about your wife, sons and daughters?

 Not sure exactly what your looking for. I have a lovely wife, Lillian Bounds Disney. And we have two daughters. Diane Disney, who is now Diane Disney Miller (married a good guy, Ron Miller), and Sharon Disney.

 What where you origanally going to name Micky Mouse?

 I was thinking of “Mortimer Mouse.” But Lilly, my wife, didn’t like it. She said, “why don’t you name him Mickey.”

Last Update: January 29, 2001

  How long did it take you to realize you wanted to build a play park for children? and what inspired you?

I think this question has come up before. I’ll answer it anyway.

In the late 40s I was watching my two daughters at a park near my home. I thought “this place is SO dirty. It’s run by people who want to take all your money.” I noticed parents who wanted to leave because there was nothin’ for THEM to do.

Their kids would get all upset because of that.

I thought: “something could be built where parents & children could have fun together.

Of course it took a while before that idea turned into Disneyland. About 10-15 years.

  What made you name Disneyland “Disneyland”?

I thought that my work, and company, had an image of real family. Stuff that all ages could enjoy.

If we called it “wonderland,” or “fantasy world,” who would know that WE made it.

Also, it’s a nice way to not only sell the park, but also our movies and films.
(please note this is a opinion of the author)

  I have two questions: In Disneyland, Walt Disney originally refered to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle by an other name? Which Disneyland Park attraction is know as Disneyodendron semperflorens grandis?

  Ah yes. Well, I referred to it as “Snow White’s Castle.” Sleeping Beauty wasn’t released until 1959.As for your second question: That means “large ever blooming Disney Tree”

 I have devoted a lot of time into studying you and your history. I have met both Michael Eisner & Roy Disney. As someone whos goal in life is to work for Disney, what do you recommend?

 I have always had a certain motto for this. You see I think nothing is impossible.If you think you can do it then try. If you try, that’s the only way to succeed!


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