Disney V.I.P. Tour

Unknown-3Awhile ago for my birthday my family wanted me to have the best Disney experience I could possibly get, which is why they decided to book the Disney thrill rides V.I.P. Tour. We picked to go on the tour with a group of about 12 people and two guides who took us to thrill rides from all around three of Disney’s most fantastic parks.

First the group met up at a cafe in magic kingdom by using our special passes to let us through the golden Mickey ticket line a half hour before the park opened. Then once we heard the Magic Mickey bell and the Zipideedooda song we knew the park officially was open and all of the rides would be up and running. Since it was too cold to go on any of the water rides we started off with space mountain. Since we had a guide escort we got to go through the fast pass line without any fast passes!

We went to three parks Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. At each park we hit up the main thrills at each one. When we finished going on the main action rides at each of the parks we went in classy vans with our group filled with delicious sweets. When we arrived at the next park we went through back enterences and didn’t even have to use tickets or go through security. Our guides were amazing, very kind and extremely courteous.

Also the V.I.P Tour came with an all exclusive V.I.P pre-ordered lunch. When we got there it was very fancy, including personalized name tags already placed on our plates showing us where to sit. ( I still have mine to this very day )

Overall this was an amazing trip I would reccomend for any thrill seeker, perfect for all ages, and it includes a meal. Next stop: Disney World!

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