Splash Mountain Review


This review is going to be about Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, but more specifically, Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is located in the Frontier Land section of magic kingdom, connected to the Splash Mountain gift shop when you exit the ride. Usually there’s a pretty long wait for this ride because of its popularity, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you show up to the park early or have fast passes.

When you first get into the line there’s a huge variety of old timey decorations and things to look at while you wait including Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. After the wait you’ll get to the loading stations where you can hop in a log with four rows that can fit two to three people per row. Then you’ll embark on a watery cartoon animatronic journey featuring the lives of the brer animals. All fishing and fun until brer fox kidnaps brer rabbit and plans to cook him as a stew for dinner. But before the fox goes wild you will encounter two fake out drops, which both seem like the huge soaking drop at the end, but really are just small jumps downward.

Then once you see brer rabbit about to be cooked for dinner, plus a bunch of warning signs saying to go back the log will take you up and you’ll see the light of outside day, a flash of a camera, than WHOOSH you’ll slide down the huge drenching drop into the briar patch. But what’s even worse than the drop is, on your way to the end of the ride another log might come down the big drop and splash you from the side! After the drop you’ll go on to see that brer rabbit escaped and brer fox is tied up by brer bare, as the whole gang sings zipideedooda as you pass a huge zipideedooda light up rocking boat.

When you exit the ride you’ll find yourself in the splash mountain shop where you can see the picture the ride took right before the big drop, you can also check out some other splash mountain murch including pressed pennies which are also pretty cool Disney souvenirs. So next time you find your self at Disney, be sure to hit up one of my personal favorite rides, Splash Mountain.

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