Gaines stops sponsoring the Pet Care Kennel (became Kennel Club, 1993; sponsored by Friskies (1993-Present)

Main Street, U.S.A.:
Patented Pastimes closes

-March 15
Baloo’s Dressing Room opens near Toontown area of today (removed, September 18, 1991)
Disney Afternoon Avenue debuts (removed, November 10, 1991)
Fantasyland Autopia becomes Resuce Rangers Raceway (returned to normal, November 10, 1991)
Motor Boat Cruise becomes Motor Boat Cruise to Gummi Glen (returned to normal, November 10, 1991)
Plane Crazy (musical show at Videopolis) debuts

-March 22
Main Street, U.S.A.:
Great American Pastimes

-June 21

Celebration U.S.A. Parade debuts (ended, November 24, 1991)

-July 4

“Disney’s Great American Celebration” airs

-July 15
Briar Rose Cottage closes

-July 16
Disney Villains (removed, June, 1996)

-September 8
Baloo’s Dressing Room closes

-September 14

“Disney Afternoon Live! at Disneyland” airs

-October 31
Plane Crazy ends

-November 10
Disney Afternoon Avenue closes
Fantasyland Autopia returns to normal
Motor Boat Cruise returns to normal

-November 24

Celebration U.S.A. Parade ends

-November 28
Main Street, U.S.A.:
The Enchanted Book Shoppe premieres at Carnation Plaza Gardens (ended, April 26, 1992)

Mickey’s Nutcracker premieres at Videopolis for the Christmas season