Lost Disneyland

Part Two
When Walt Disney Imagineering began in earnest to brainstorm how Tomorrowland could be remodeled, one of the earliest ideas was a plan known as “Tomorrowland 2055.” It would have been a sleek, Blade Runner- esque future that would have featured lots of metallic colors, Alien Encounter where Mission to Mars used to be, and a brand new theater show in the Carousel Theater. Like in the Tomorrowland that was eventually opened in 1998, Tomorrowland 2055 also saw the return of the Moonliner. However, that was not the only homage to the past that would have been part of TL2055. There was going to be an area music loop featuring something like “Tomorrowland’s Greatest Hits:” Go Go Goodyear (Peoplemover platform), We are Here to Change the World (Captain EO), Miracles from Molecules (Adventure Thru Inner Space), etc.