Disney Street, SE London

Close up to Disney St.

Disney St. is the small upside down L above Marshalsea Rd.

In South East London, there is a small street named Disney Street. It is a small little half block that sits between two major roads, Marshelsea Road, and Borough Road.

The Street wasn’t named after Walt Disney. Although, Walt did visit it.

Walt and His wife at Disney St.

Disney St. Sign

Here is an exact account on Disney St., from Walt’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller:

One time when mother and dad were in London, the driver of their car told them there was a Disney Street in London. So the next day, they went with a photographer and had their pictures taken there. Dad said it was a little tiny half street and he had learned the history or it. Before it was called “Dung Hill Street.”

Disney, Oklahoma

We have located that there is a “Disney” in Oklahoma. The following site gives a good deal of information about the town. The down doesn’t have anything to do with Walt Disney.

“Welcome to Disney, Oklahoma.”