The Walt Disney Story, Featuring “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.”

great moments mr lincoln
The figure model of Mr. Lincoln debuted at the State of Illinois Pavillion during the 1964 New York World’s Fair, appearing with other Disney-designed attractions like The Carousel of Progress (General Electric), It’s a Small World (Pepsi Cola), and The Primeval World (Ford Motor Company).The likeness of Abraham Lincoln was created as the first fully functioning audio-animatronic human figure. In a presentation entitled, “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”, the moving model of Abraham Lincoln stands, speaks, and gestures to the audience.

Walt Disney decided to design attractions for the World’s Fair because he realized that he could promote the technology, knowledge, and engineering skill which would help the theme park industry without using funds from Disney. In addition, the companies agreed to allow Disney to ship the attractions to Disneyland at the fair’s completion.

The audio-animatronic Lincoln was manufactured and tested at W.E.D. Enterprises in California before being shipped to New York. Testing was perfect at the studio but upon arrival in New York the equipment failed to operate properly. W.E.D. Designers worked around the clock before the scheduled debut show. When Walt Disney was told that the figure just would not work he went on stage in front of the waiting audience to say that “it just isn’t ready.”

Eventually the figure starting responding to its programming and the show could go on. When the fair was over, the figure was shipped back to California. “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” first opened at Disneyland on July 18th, 1966. Again, problems arrived with the figure. Sometimes, Mr. Lincoln would start having spasms or just bow forward and stop in the middle of the show. Eventually all of these technical problems were worked out.

“Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” is situated at the Main Street Play House on the south end of Main Street near the Bank of Main Street.

In the lobby, pre-show exhibits feature Walt Disney. There are mock-ups of his working office, as well as his formal office, in much the same condition as he left them. There is also a short film clip showing the building of Disneyland. Displays include various historical Disneyland items like a bust of Abraham Lincoln sculpted by Imagineer Blaine Gibson, one of the original audio animatronic birds from The Enchanted Tiki Room, and. a scale model of the Capital Building in Washington, D.C..

Upon entering the theater, the show begins with a short film titled “Two Brothers”, detailing the story of two brothers who fought on opposing sides in the Civil War. After the short film a speech, actually given by Abraham Lincoln, is played to artwork of the famous president.

Curtains then rise to reveal the audio-animatronic figure of Abraham Lincoln which speaks, stands, gestures and moves.

For the conclusion of the show, the song “Golden Dream” plays. As you exit the theater, you will see a giant mural featuring innovators and people who have changed the face of history.

In 1973, “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” was changed to “The Walt Disney Story featuring ‘Great Walt Disney's office, displayed in the lobbyMoments with Mr. Lincoln.'” The exhibit would feature items which display the heritage and history of the man behind the dream of Disneyland, Walt Disney.

Exhibited in the lobby of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is Walt Disney’s private and executive offices as they appeared when Walt Disney used them. Everything in them from the carpet to the ceiling tiles are from Walt’s original office in Burbank California.

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