Other Walt Disney, or Disneyland related websites

Here is a highly selective list of other Disney related websites, worthy of your visit. All these are hand

chosen by the owner of JustDisney.com, me, Brad A.

Carolwood Pacific Railroad

The officail website of the Carolwood Railroad Society. A foundation originally created from Walt Disney’s home train railroad.

Net Disney:

This website is the centerpiece of the Unofficial Disney Netork. It features a biography on Walt Disney, and Disneyland. If you are a webmaster, Net Disney is the place for you to go.


A site devoted to discontinued Disneyland attractions. Has many pictures, and information on “Yester”Disneyland.

Disneyland’s Club 33:

A sneak peak inside Disneyland’s most secretive place, Club 33. This site features many photographs inside the club, as well as informaition on joining.

The Disneylandian:

An excellent site featuring many views of the park, great for a “Disneyland Beginer.”

The Disneyland Source:

A spectacular archive of many sounds from Disneyland. All sounds are in RealAudio, which offers better quality, and faster downloads. Features Entire soundtracks to many rides.


Originally this site was Al Lutz’s DIG: Disneyland Information Guide. It’s evolved into this synergetic site. Indeed it has a lot of grand information, the good stuff is in the DIG, though.

Phil Sears

Phil Sears is an excellent seller of rare and collectible Disney items. Some of his items are priced very well. While some things are a bit expensive.

Walt Disney Timeline

This is a very well researched and oragnized timeline of Walt Disney’s life. Bibliographic references are included too!