Walt Disney Timeline Ken

The information below is a comilization of events in the life of Walt Disney, and his family. Most the information provided below is correct, however some errors in dates, or events, may have occured.

Timeline compiled by Ken Polsson. This document may not be reproduced, or reformatted in any way. View a complete list of sources that were used for this timeline


December 5

  • Walter Elias is born at 1249 Tripp Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Elias and Flora Disney. Walt is named after Reverend Walter Parr.


(month unknown)
  • Elias Disney and family move to Kansas City, Missouri.


(month unknown)

  • Walt attends the Kansas City Art Institute.


(month unknown)

  • Walt Disney begins taking night courses at the Chicago Institute of Art.


(month unknown)

  • Walt buys his first movie camera.
August 26

  • Walt Disney forges his parents’ signatures, and enlists in the American Ambulance Corps., part of the Red Cross. Walt alters the document, changing his birth year from 1901 to 1900.
November 18

  • Walt sails aboard the SS Vaubin to France, as a Red Cross volunteer.