Ken-L-Ration stops sponsoring Ken-L-Land (became Kennel Club, 1968)

New Orleans Square:
One-of-a-Kind Shop (removed, May, 1996)

“America the Beautiful” film reshot as a Circle-Vision 360 film
The Character Shop (removed, September 15, 1986)
Mermaids last summer in the Submarine Voyage lagoon

-February 14
New Orleans Square:
Pirates’ Arcade (remodeled and renamed Pieces of Eight, ? ?, 19??)

-March 18
New Orleans Square:
Blue Bayou Restaurant
Pirates of the Caribbean (closed for 30th Anniversary renovation, January 6, 1997; reopened and is rededicated, March 7, 1997)

-June 15
New Orleans Square:
Club 33 opens to a selective group of members

-June 25
“America the Beautiful” film (reshot) opens in Circle-Vision 360 along with a new theater where Space Station X-1 had once been)

-July 2
General Electric Carousel of Progress (removed, September 9, 1973)
PeopleMover (removed, January 6, 1997)
Rocket Jets (removed, January 6, 1997)
Tomorrowland Terrace

-July 18

New Tomorrowland opens

-August 5
Adventure Thru Inner Space (Monsanto ends sponsorship, September 30, 1977; removed, September 2, 1985)

-August 12
Flight to the Moon (removed, January 5, 1975)

Monsanto House of the Future closes (area became King Triton Fountain, February, 1996)