The Walt Disney Design

Imagine, waking up to a hot, July day, in 1955. Getting ready in a hurry because you have to get to work early. Once you arrive at work you find that numorous set-backs, and accidents have caused some major delays.

You find workers on strike, the workers being plumbers, so half the water fountains aren’t working. You see most of the landscaping missing, and notice that in only 1 hour, your dream, your fantasy, will be open to the public, open to the people you’ve been waiting for.

This is the feeling Walt Disney must have had the opening day of Disneyland, on July 17, 1955.

He must have had a mess of thoughts; how the Television schedule was going to go, his opening day speech, how the crouds would react to the design, if all the water in the park would work, if the heat would reach above 100 degrees.

The reality of this must have been tremendously tedius for Walt Disney, his “magical little park” was becoming a real, and true, business, that would be seen my thousands of guests daily.