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This Disney blogpost is going to be about the wild and whimsical Disney foods, snacks, and treats. When you go to any of the Disney parks chances are your going to get hungry but not have time to go to a sit down restaurant and eat. To solve this problem Dismey parks have snack kiosks stashed all around,which sell assortments of frozen goodies and snacks served hot.

The Mickey Head ice cream bars are a classic Fisney treat, with delectable vanilla ice cream coated in a smooth chocolate shell, this magical Mickey shaped treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Along with the Mickey Head ice cream bars most kiosks also serve a variety of other frozen treats including fruit flavored ice pops and frozen lemonade a which are perfect for hot summer days.

Another fan favorite snack would be the giant turkey legs. These are great to munch on by yourself, or to share with a friend because of its huge size. Besides turkey legs Mickey Head pretzels are also served hot. These soft pretzels come speckled with salt and shaped in Mickey mousses face. Delicious, better popcorn can also be a snack stands, served hot and fresh.

Besides finding snacks at kiosks oher great, quick , grab and go snacks can be found inside some of the stores at Disney parks. If your a crazy candy lover, Goofie’s sour candy co. snacks would be perfect for you! Goofie’s sour candy co. brand includes a variety of sour Goofie’s including gummy worms , gummy bears , sour sugar powder , saltwater taffy and more. If you prefer a milder treat you should consider checking out Minnie’s Bakery brand treats. These snacks are great for dessert, or at any ¬†other time of day. Minnie’s bakery snacks include a wide variety of cookies soft and crunchy, delectable gram cracker treats and a few other sweet treats.

One more classic Disney treat no one should miss out on are the Mickey Lilly pops. They come in packs of six in a variety of flavors. Perfect for every member of your crew. So next time you find your tummy growling at one of the Disney parks be sure to check out a few of these great snacks.

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