Milt Albright founds the Magic Kingdom Club

“America the Beautiful” Circarama film debuts at the Brussels World’s Fair
Candlelight Procession held for the first time

New marquee (replaced, October 6, 1989)

Space Station X-1 renamed Satellite View of America
Tomorrowland Station

-January 18

Ken-L-Land opens as the Disneyland Kennel )

-February 12
Todd Shipyards finishes work on the Columbia’s hull

-March 31
Main Street, U.S.A.:
Grand Canyon Diorama opens on the Disneyland Railroad
Fred G. Gurley Engine debuts

-April 9

“An Adventure in the Magic Kingdom” airs

Main Street, U.S.A:
Mad Hatter

-June 13
Main Street, U.S.A.:
Hills Brothers Coffee House (removed, winter, 1976)

-June 14
Columbia Sailing Ship (Below-Decks museum opened, February 22, 1964)

Alice in Wonderland (closed for remodeling, September 6, 1982; reopened, April 14, 1984)

-August 16
Main Street, U.S.A.:
Fire Truck begins operation

-September 1

Dairy Bar closes (replaced by ???)

-September 3

Last episode of “Disneyland” television show airs

-September 15
Junior Autopia closes (area replaced by Fantasyland Autopia, June 6, 1959)

Viewliner closes

-December 31

New Year’s Eve Party held for the first time at Disneyland