Splash Mountain V.S. Space Mountain

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Hey disney fans, this blog is going to be all about one of the biggest disney park feuds of all time: Splash Mountain V.S. Space Mountain. IN my personal opinion Splash Mountain is and always will be the best ride in disney history, but it is a very debatable topic. Its pretty hard to choose between two classic ” mountain rides” one being a water ride and one being more on the speedy thrill side.

Both rides are amazing, but first lets talk about space mountain. Space Mountain is one of the most daring rides in Magic Kingdom, mostly being that because you’re seated on a single rowed space rocket hurtling through the pitch black with only faint stars to guide your way through the adventure. The wait for this ride is usually long on the more crowded days and the fast pass lines are also pretty long. But at least the waiting ┬áline is indoors and consists of cools interactive starcraft gameplay and other cool celestial items to look at. When you first board the ride, your in a single file row of three in a cart attached to another single file row of three. First you’ll hit a few stops simulating that you’ll actually be making the journey into space before shooting into a wormhole exploding with vibrant red shapes. Then before you know it your hurtling through the dark unknown with only a handle bar to hold onto for safety. As most people barrel through the stars they have a strange feeling part of the tracks above them will end up hitting them in the head, I being one of those people.You”ll be sad when the ride is over considering the super long wait to get on, but when you leave the ride the scenes a camera places you in, like your actually in space are pretty cool as you take a walk on a still escalator off the ride and back into the park.

Next let’s talk about the one and only Splash Mountain. This is a classic original Disney rude that’s perfect for people of all ages that don’t mind a splashy water ride. This ride also has a very unique wait line filled with the Brer cartoon characters and old times frontier land kind of things to look at. This ride also has a pretty long wait time since it’s so popular but the fast pass line usually isn’t as bad. The only down side to this is that the wait line is partially outside. Once you hop on to the log that had four rows that can fit up to three people each you’ll begin to embark on a happy journey through the land of where the Brer animals live until Brer fox has a fiendish plan to eat Brer Rabit! The ride has a few fake outs before you’ll find your log tipping over the edge of a big drop that has a great view of the park.Smile! As the camera flashes your picture and you plunge into the briar patch below. Then it’s smooth sailing from there as Brer fox is captured and all the Brer animals are happily singing Zipideedooda. Then you’ll walk off the ride into a fun little splash mountain themed gift shop where you can view your pictures or purchase souveniers.


Now now that you’ve heard all the details about each ride , it’s up to you to decide which is better, Splash Mountain, or Space Mountain. Next time your at Disney’s manic kingdom, be sure to check out both of these amazing rides and see for yourself which one is truest better.

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