The Windows Of Main Street U.S.A. M

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Ivan Martin
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Buena Vista Construction Co. – Jack Rorex – Ivan Martin – Cash Shockey

Ivan Martin worked on the construction of Disneyland.

Wilson “Bill” Martin
Location: Above the Main Street Bank
Inscription: Wilson Martin – Gabriel Scognamillo

Art Director and project designer on numberous attractions including Sleeping Beauty Castle, Monorail, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Edward T. Meck
Location: Above the China Closet
Inscription: The Disneyland News – Edward T. Meck – Editor In Chief

Edward was one of Disneyland’s original publicists.He headed the publicity department.

Christopher D. Miller
Location: Above the restrooms near the Carnation Co.
Inscription: Christopher D. Miller – Turkish Baths

Christopher Miller was Walt’s first grandson by his daughter Diane and his son-in-law Ron Miller.

George Mills
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Carpenters & Joiners – George Mills – Ray Conway – Chas Alexander

George Mills was in charge of the Mill (carpentry).

Seb Morey
Location: Above the Market House
Inscription: Seb Morey – Taxidermist

Seb Morey was Disneyland’s original taxidermist and did a large portion of the work on the Jungle Cruise.