This site is an excellent example of my “experimental prototype website design.” EPWD? Well, this is more of the 10th EPWD…I’ve redesigned this thing a few times.

I don’t design websites for a living, in fact, I really dislike being on a computer. I think being on a computer for more than 4 hours isn’t good for you. Although, sometimes, I find myself on for a lot longer than 4 hours, I really dislike it.

So, by now, I bet your wondering, “Who the heck is this ‘Brad’ guy?” Well, a simple answer would be, “Brad is a diverse human being, of the male origin, in the Homo Sapian Species.”

Now, that description is too technical, how about I tell it to you myself. This is odd, because I’m not used to writing this way, as if I’m talking to someone, not as if I’m being a narrator.

First off, this site was designed to my liking. I did some interesting techniques, and like what I did. This is for me, a tribute to myself, by me, for me. . .kinda get what I’m saying?

At the time of this document’s publication I was in a school, learning and exploring the vast amounts of knowledge that education provides.

Many people think of me as a “smart” person. But, I have a different opinion on that subject. First off, I know lot’s of stuff about certain subjects. I could probably teach classes about art, science, and the subject of “Disney.”

I also know many useless facts of knowledge too, which is useful because those subjects might come up sometimes. Say you and a friend were casually talking about the Roman Empire. One of you says “so when exactly did Rome fall?” I would easily reply. “476 a.d.”

I am interested in many various topics: Art, Science, History, Music, Geography, and Magic (the art, not the game)

I hope, one day, to be a college professor, a scientist, artist, imagineer, and . .well, I really haven’t made my mind up about it yet, but I’m gonna’ hopefully be one of those things. I’ve been encouraged to go on to a few various topics, but I have certain things I’d like to accomplish before I go on further.

I hope one day to be a “notable,” someone who did something to help the world. I believe that over the next century this planet is going to go through some rough times, and I want to attempt to help it through, or make life on it better.

Ok, anyway, if your wondering I have 2 arms, 2 legs, with 10 fingers, and 10 toes (last time I checked) I also have 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, and all other according body parts the average person would have. Not that this matters much, but, just if your wondering.

Whenever I’m in school, academically, I’m a good student. Usually A’s or B’s, never C’s (at the time of this articles publication) I like school.

I am a magician. I have been performing magic since I was very young . . this is hard for you to know because you don’t know how old I am. . .I’ve been performing for about 8 years now. I perform all types of magic, Stage, Parlor, Close-Up, and Impromptu.

Recently, I was accepted as a member of the famous Academy of Magical Arts Inc.. Otherwise called “The Magic Castle.” This is a top Hollywood club where many successful magicians perform. I’m hoping to work there soon.

Right now I’m considering a career in the field of entertainment, such as magic. Recently, however, magic has moved me into a whole new idea for a career.

Besides magic, I’m also an Artist. I do many landscapes, and renderings in pen, and pencil. I want to start working with Paint, but I suppose that will be another day. I would like to give recognition to a very special person who helped me through troubled times, and gave me much inspiration for my art, her name is Naomi L.

Recently, I was giving some wonderful advice, and guidance from the great Marc Davis (before his death) I would like to head into the “art” business, perhaps an art director, architect, something that I hope will be worthwhile. Although, by going into something like that, I may not be able to achieve my goal, of helping the planet. I do hope fate will be my fortune.

It’s been fun chatting, and well . . .I think if I spill anymore information about myself, then you’ll know too much.

I had troubles first starting this project, actually. I thought, “should I make a page about myself?, what if some homicidal maniac comes and gets all my info and comes and stalks me, what if . . ” I guess I’m paranoid, but, everyone should be worried about stuff like that these days. As the “electronic Age” continues into the Millennium, and beyond, the world as we know will change beyond contest, it will grow expand, the boundaries of our planet will reach far distances, and the way people communicate will be through “antisocial” mailings, and writings like this.

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