Past “Ask Walt” Questions:

I have to say, you are someone to be admired! I am a BIG fan of yours and wish I could have met you!

My question is: I heard you only liked being called “Walt” and not “Mr. Disney.”

Is that true and is that why the cast members go by their first names only?

Well, I never really like the formalities of “Mister.” I just couldn’t stand that. Everyone should call me “Walt” because I’m not a formal person.
Now, with the guys down over in the parks, like Disneyland Cast Members, the public can have a more enjoyable time. It seems like everyone knows eachother.

How much does Disneyland take up? Is Disney World the same?

Disneyland, the original, which opened in 1955 is only about 200 acres (actually 170) It’s too bad we couldn’t have had more.

When we went to Florida, for Disney World, we wanted to have as much land as possible. We didn’t want it to turn into another Anaheim….cheesy hotels and stuff appeared instantly outside Disneyland.

So, when we went to Florida, we bought up about 48 square miles of land. Lots of room there! (we were planning on building a real city, but that never happed)


Is it true that you asked to frozen and not burried until a cure for cancer was found? If so, where are you? If not, where are you burried?

Nope, I’m not frozen. Actually, when I passed away, December 15, 1966, cryogenics weren’t developed enough to “freeze” a human being.

I actually never even thought of doing something like that. I always discussed being cremated. (find a photo of my gravesite, click here)

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I’m the your biggest fan on earth, I appreciate every little thing you have done, I always talk about you to my friends and family, but most of the time my friends tell me that Disney is for children only, and that I’m a fool for loving Disney and watching every single movie, is true? Is it true that Disneyland is a place for Children only, people are always making fun of me, but I’ll never give up in loving you.. forever.
Disney biggest fan(19 years)

Well, you know when I created my company, starting with that early animation stuff. We never really catered to children at all. The films we made were for everyone.

Now, in Disneyland’s case, it’s a place where children and adults can have fun together. I love Disneyland, then again, I’m “Disney.”

You shouldn’t let people think you are crazy for liking anything. If I listened to all the people that put me down, you think I would have such a wonderful company now?

Walt, if you did not pass away so early what other things would you or did you want to do?

There were so many things that I hadn’t finished. First off my Disney World project was just starting, and I never got to see that finished. Also, I was in the process of taking the Chouinard Art Institute, and making a All Art school, called “CalArts.”

We were setting up some land in Marceline M.O. for a new theme park like Main Street at Disneyland.

  I heard that you faced much opposition in the funding of Disneyland, that even Roy questioned what your abilities and sanity? What’s the history of the trials and success of this?

Oh yes. Roy was very negative for my idea on the park. Many people thought it was great, some thought it was not going to work.

Take a look at this history of Disneyland.

  What is Disney planning on doing for Your 100th birthday.

Well, the company is going to have a few things. In my old town of Marceline, there will be a big celebration. I’m not sure of what the theme parks or anything else.

  Who was your first cartoon character?

  I drew a lot when I was a kid. I had a few ventures before I really made some great stuff. Ub Iwerks and I worked on these series called the “Alice Comedies.” I guess the first “popular” character was Oswald the Rabbit.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

I’d say Never Give Up. Don’t listen to the people who discourage your ideas.

You wouldn’t believe all the things I coulda’ messed up if I chose “the other thing.” Remember Disneyland? Everyone told me not to do it. They’d say “Amusement parks are so dirty, everything’s for kids.” Now what do you think?

Were did you come up with Disneyland. How long did it take to build?

It was in the back of my mind a long time ago. I used to take my kids to the park. It was dirty and unkept. I thought that America needed a place where families could have fun together.

(you can see a real nice article here)

The park took a long time to build, if you think of it from my view. I started thinkin’ about it in the 40s. I didn’t get Roy to build it until 53′. I was so eager for it to open. I came to the site all the time.

The park’s grand opening was July 17th, 1955.

What was the name of the Castle you used as inspiration for “Sleeping Beauty’s” Castle in Disneyland?

We used a castle found in Fussen, Germany. It is called Neuschwanstein which was King Ludwig II’s Castle. Thing is though. When we drew it out, the front just didn’t look right. So, one of my boys flipped the back to the front, and the front to the back.

Why did you choose to build in Florida (Disney World) instead of making the Anaheim (Disneyland) park bigger?

You see I never thought I’d make another Disneyland, but I always wish we owned all the land around Disneyland, because nowadays it’s full of cheesy hotels, and restaurants. I wanted to make it better, bigger, and I wanted to own all the land around us, so no one could ruin it. Besides, prices in California, Anaheim specificly, were real expensive cuz’ of Disneyland and all. Florida was cheap.

Where can I find a list of all your Feature animated cartoons? A.k.a “Snow White,” “Fantasia”….

You can click here to see a list of em’ all.

What ever happend to that city “EPCOT” which was going to be built in Florida, wiith Walt Disney World?

My brother Roy thought it wasn’t the best idea. He didn’t think we (our Studio) could run a city. He decided to just put in Disneyland East instead. There’s an article here to read. Read about Epcot



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