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Walt Disney Parks Dusty Pink Magic Band 2 Unlinked New For Sale

Walt Disney Parks  Dusty  Pink  Magic Band 2 Unlinked  New

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Walt Disney Parks Dusty Pink Magic Band 2 Unlinked New :

WDW Parks Light  Pink Magic Band 2 Unlinked. New

Pink band  with black edging.

Pink center button edged in black.

One size fits most.

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Is it possible to work my order today? Our trip to Disney World leaves soon.  

Most buyers have an up coming trip.

All orders are processed in the order in which they are received.

Every order is treated with equal importance. 

No one jumps the que.Please do not ask!

Handling time- can be Up To 10 days. Does not mean it always is.

Usual is 3-4.

USPS  delivery is 3-5 business days. 

Do you offer  combined shipping?

Yes. Use your shopping cart,the discount is automatically applied. Occasionally the system fails-we refund the difference.

What is a Magic Band 2?

A  Disney wrist band which  when linked to your Disney account replaces the need for a park entry pass/ticket.

Use the Disney Go app or Disney website to link all of your Magic

 Band 2 and your Disney hotel -if staying in one. Refer to Disney for the other perks.

The Disney linking system frequently overloads  It can take several attempts, maybe over several days depending on how busy, but your new band will link.

Are your Magic Bands new? Unlinked?

Yes. Absolutely.

A  new band = unlinked.

All of our items  are straight from Disney parks. All original Disney packaging.

We only sell new merchandise.

Can a Magic Band be  reused by a different person?  Linked to a different account?

No  Each magic band is unique to one person. Once a Magic Band has been linked it can not be transferred to someone else.

Can I use my band for more than one visit to a Disney park?

Yes. You can use it every visit.

Do magic bands come in different sizes? 

No. There are no separate adult or children sized bands. 

Bands  are  adjustable and also have pre cut lines so they  can be trimmed smaller.

Is a Slap Band the same as a Magic Band 2?

No. A slap band does not link.

What is the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration?

Walt Disney World is celebrating the 50th year of WDW  opening in Orlando, Fl.  October 1st 1971.

The anniversary items were released Oct 1st 2021. The celebration 

continues until March 2023.

How do I choose a  band ? Does it matter?

All magic bands link in the same way.

Some choose a shade which matches their clothes or favorite color.

Bands are chosen because they represent a favorite character-Mickey, 

Elsa, R2D2, Cinderella, Arial ....etc.

Others collect  certain themes - Haunted Mansion, Tinkerbell.

Some designs are based on beloved Disney characters-Goofy, 

Figment, Country Bear...etc. 

Limited  Release- are only available in specific parks for a short

 time which makes them more sought after. There are also seasona

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