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Disney World Splash Mountain Water and Stone Mounted on reclaimed wood plaque For Sale

Disney World Splash Mountain Water and Stone Mounted on reclaimed wood plaque
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Disney World Splash Mountain Water and Stone Mounted on reclaimed wood plaque:

Here it is Folks!
We really went all out when making this one!
THIS ITEM HAS BEEN RE-LISTED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT, PLEASE NOTE I STILL ONLY HAVE ONE OF THESEAVAILABLE** Beware of copycat listings, I have added video and additional photos to proveauthenticity**
Forget all those cheap water bottles will with "splash mountain water"
This is an Authentic sample of Splash Mountain ride water collected by myself on the last day of operation, January 22nd 2023
Also, through my contact inside Disney WorldWe have a stone collected from somewhere around the ride, and a piece of reclaimed pine board pulled from the attraction during remodel
Did you know most of splashmountainlandscape is actually just pained concrete??This stone was most likely in the ride queue area, or on the last leg of the ride after the big flume drop where most stones are found.
Several areas of the ridequeue line have pine boards, and I'm assuming thatswhere it was pulled from. My contact told me it was pulled from a pile of debris/trash so I can't confirm where it wasactually located, but it was removed as part of the remodel. The board has been cut and sanded to make it engravable and presentable, butI tried to leave some of thecharacter intact. The board is justsealed with polyurethane, not stained in any way. Also I agreed to not report exactly when it was collected, to protect my contact insideDisney, but I can report it was collected sometime between the ride closing and the posting of this listing.
AuthenticityI can vouch for the water sample 100%, ifanyone was to test the sample Iguarantee it would be full ofDisney chlorine andDisney bacteria and whatever elseDisneywater contains.
As for the Wood and the Stone, those are at the word on my contact who has not let me down yet!
The water sample and stone have been marked with tamper-evident stickers, and thenengraved on the backside of the plaque. This was done by myself, that way no one could pull the items off the plaque and try and resell it
I only collected half a bottle of water on the last day, with plans to just make a smallmementofor my family, but when I saw a bunch of fakes for sale, I had to offer something authentic toDisney fans.
How can you tell if an item is fake?Have you seen people selling 20 mason jars filled withDisney water? how the heck can you carry/collect 20 jars while on the ride?! I could barely collect one was singing my 'zip a dee doo dah' one last time

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