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The Quotable Walt Disney

Article posted 9-1-2001

General Information:

Publisher: Hyperion Press.
Published Date: April 2001.
Pages: 265. A few black and white photos.

Estimated Street Price: $8.76-$10.95


A Review from this Website:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Just one of the thousands of quotes and sayings said by Walt Disney.

Dave Smith, curator of the Walt Disney Archives, spent a good deal of time going through old records, newspapers, and interviews, gathering small quotes that only Walt Disney would say.

This "Disney Editions" Book (a subdivision of Disney's Hyperion Press) is a small book. It measures 5 and a half by 6 and half inches.

The quotes are organized into chapters. The design of this book is stunning. Icons, which respresent each chapter, stand out in a different place on each page.

If you enjoy the history of Walt Disney, or are interested in things he said, this book is for you. JustDisney.com recommends this book!

Table of Contents:

  • On Films and Animation
  • On Mickey Mouse
  • On The Parks
  • On Business and the Walt
  • Disney Company
  • On Success and Failure
  • On Money
  • On Children, Young and Old
  • On Family
  • On Education
  • On America
  • On Animals and Nature
  • On Art and Music
  • On Progress and Innovation
  • On Television
  • On Enlightenment, Exploration, and Experimentation
  • On Life

You can view some quotes from our Walt Disney Quotes section. We, however, don't have as many as this book does)

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