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Article posted 5-13-2000

General Information:

By Stephen Schochet. Two Audio CD's. Produced by Hollywood Stories. Estimated Street Price-$24.95 Buy this set.


Fascinating Walt Disney

-From the Publisher

"Packed with enough Hollywood tales and Disney lore to satisfy even the most demanding fans. Disney represents a truly American icon, and this biographical offering will find a receptive audience." The School Library Journal

"May well set the standards for cassettes/CDs about Hollywood and/or its personalities in the future. This is one of the most interesting stories in this or any other form we have run across. We recommend it highly.' Hollywood Inside Syndicate

"The saga of Disney's many trials is not chronological, a device which adds interest for older children and adults. Schochet emphasizes Disney's perseverance and determination in both bringing animated films to the screen and realizing the seemingly impossible project of Disneyland. " Booklist

A Review from this Website:

Walt Disney's life was truly a remarkible one. From his harsh childhood, to the nervous breakdown of his worklife, Walt Disney was a unique human being.

In Fascinating Walt Disney, the narrator Stephen Schochet, takes you along the journy of Walt Disney's life. From his early days in Marceline, to his ideas of Disneyland. This Two CD set is a valuble asset to anyone interested in Walt Disney's life, ideas, and creations.

Table of Contents:
Disk One- Midwestern Prologue
Part One-The Artist.
Disk Two- Part Two- The Entrepeneur

Reviewed by Brad A. (author, owner JustDisney.com)

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