So, I see you've just found my piece of space on the internet. Well, what's better than having a website, right? I mean there are over 80 Billion Pages now, so lets see, if this page were to count as one of those, then you would be viewing 1 page out of 80 billion, but if the 80 billion pages didn't contain this page, you'd be viewing a page on the internet that wasn't there. Does that make sense? It sure doesn't.

Well, anyway this is a little place where you can start, and find out about a magician, an artist, and a real living person, named Brad.

Many people ask my last name, and usually I don't know these people.So, I've come up wtih an easy way for people to know my last name. It starts with the letter "A." Hopefully you're a person who knows me, then you'll know my last name.

In recent ages I've started to work on a few websites, and work on computers. You can see examples of all my "artwork" on the right, just click on.........artwork.

Please, enjoy yourself. Considering there are only four pages here, you should have an easy time reading the whole thing.

-Brad A.
The fellow in charge of this place.


Last month, I went to San Francisco! What a town, I loved it. I took about six rolls of film, full of houses, former prisons, bridges (red ones, not gold ones), and former Alfred Hitchcock filmed locations.

Speaking of former Hitchcock filmed locations, one of my favorite spots was the Palace of Legion of Honor.

While I was there, I took many photos of their art, and sculptures. In fact, I drew one, and scanned it up to the site.